What is hummus, what is it eaten with????? Hummus is a paste of chickpea puree, which contains sesame seed paste (tahini), olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, paprika.???? As a separate dish, hummus can be served on a beautiful plate after seasoning it with olive oil or pumpkin oil, as well as you can add your favourite spices, herbs, or nuts. Traditionally, hummus is eaten without forks and spoons: put it on a flat plate, spread around the edges, then take a piece of thin unleavened flatbread (pita) and scoop a snack with it.???? Hummus from the company “Atlantika International” is distinguished by its pronounced taste and natural composition. In addition, this product is kosher and vegan-friendly.????
The story about Atlantika goes back to 2003 when surimi factory was founded just outside Riga. ????Atlantika got its current form and status in 2018 when company “Atlantika International” Ltd. was established. “Atlantika International” Ltd. inherited the factory, team of professionals and many years’ experience.
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